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Experience the Earth Gong Bath

Experience Earth Gong Bath

Marco Dolce, aka XUMANTRA

Marco Dolce, aka XUMANTRA

XUMANTRA is the creation of musician and composer Marco Dolce and features compositions based upon the artist’s superb collection of master-quality Tibetan singing bowls, gongs, and other indigenous instruments from sacred sound traditions around the world. XUMANTRA music is perfect for yoga, massage, meditation, relaxation, healing, creative movement, and to invoke a sacred ambience.

This music employs no synthesizers, samples, loops, or machine-generated sequences of any kind. All sounds were created in real-time with loving and conscious intent. We hope you enjoy these vibrations!


The Bell Journeys


This collection of ambient compositions explores the limitless horizons of sound and mind as conducted by master quality singing bowls, gongs, and bells. Choir-like bell voices combine with tuned sets of singing bowls and gongs to transport the attentive listener to a state of expanded awareness and higher consciousness.




healing-bellscoverartflat150hrHealing Bells


This collection features compositions performed on different sets of harmonically-matched Himalayan singing bowls, bells, gongs, and chimes, chosen for tunings that are consonant, gently melodic, and mildly entrancing. Great care was taken to capture the complex sonic character of these unique instruments. The selections are sequenced to provide a complete and dynamic sound healing experience.

What a gift musicians like Marco Dolce give us with recordings like these which offer us a space to grow and heal and connect with the Divine. — Magical Blend.


sbcovernew_hr  Singing Bowls


A collection of exquisite meditational improvisations on harmonically-tuned, authentic, old Tibetan singing bowls. Gentle and melodic, yet powerful, these sounds induce profound states of relaxation conducive to healing and transformation, and are ideal for bodywork, yoga, and meditation. With extremely high harmonic content, and great attention to detail, this is one of the finest singing bowl recordings ever produced.   A best seller and classic in the genre.

  If music is a reflection of the artist, then Xumantra mirrors a perfect relationship with sound. – NAPRA ReView


ssmcovernew_hr  Sacred Singing Metals


Singing bowls, gongs and bells with traditional, tuned drums and percussion, guitar, and other sacred sound instruments. Gently rhythmic and entrancing. Suitable for yoga, massage, movement, and sacred ambience.
Composer Marco Dolce emerges as the most amazing sonic master to use sacred bowls . . . Sacred Singing Metals will draw your spirit into a world of discovery and wonder that will mesmerize and enchant you. Highly recommended!  - Backroads Music

Instantly arresting. . .An original and remarkably intelligent effort. -NAPRA Review   .

Golden PortalThe Golden Portal


Tibetan singing bowls, gongs, kalimbas, congas, cymbals, cowbells, slit drum, rattles, guitar, and banjo to fashion trance music that is magical in its ability to relax the listener almost immediately. . . Your sense of time, space, and geography can easily be altered by listening… Great for deep meditation.- New Age Voice

. . .a fabulous meditative blend . . . that is rich, resonant, and well mixed. Xumantra’s expertise with ancient instruments shines…  – NAPRA Review Nov/Dec 2000

Dance of LifeDance of Life


Explorations into the joyous and healing energy of rhythm and song, intended for dance, ecstatic movement, and celebration. Lush, melodic flutes and woodwinds, authentic singing bowls, and other authentic percussion and sacred sound instruments create a high-vibrational and unique world fusion, both earthy and transcendent.